Woman meditating & learning how to connect with your higher self.

If you want to connect with your Higher Self, you need to be aware of all the things that might stop you from getting there in the first place.

This is important because it can be hard to connect with your higher self if there are other things competing with your personal interests such as obligations, distractions, limiting beliefs, or lack of time.

Once you know what’s holding you back, you can begin to let go. When you get rid of the things you don’t want in your life, you can see what you want to add to your life more clearly.

This makes it easier to connect with your higher self, especially if you don’t know where to start, because you no longer have anything standing in your way.

In this article, you’ll learn what it means to connect with your higher self, what happens when you connect with your higher self, and how to connect with your higher self in 16 ways.

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How to connect with your higher self in 16 ways.

There’s another style of meditation that I’ve been doing since my mid twenties. Tapping into your higher self from the outside and get insight into what’s going on in your life.”

India Arie

What is your higher self?

Your higher self is your inner guidance and that little voice that whispers in your head. It’s your source of inspiration, the person that you aspire to become, and the part of yourself that has reached a place of enlightenment.

It’s sort of like an invisible hand that leads you in the direction of where you’re supposed to be and helps you make decisions about your life.

What happens when you are connected to your higher self?

Connecting with your higher self can feel like you’re growing spiritually and mentally. Your life feels expansive and free rather small and contracted.

You feel like you can accomplish anything you set out to do because you’ve developed a growth mindset instead of one of scarcity.

If life threw you some curveballs, you know you can follow through with whatever you set your mind to. There’s this inner knowing that you’ll be alright no matter what happens.

Instead of beating yourself up if you fail, fall short, make a mistake, or mess up, you are able to maintain a sense of inner peace in the midst of chaos.

Connecting with our higher selves doesn’t have to be a long and deeply involved spiritual journey. We can connect with our higher self in everyday life.

We can tap into a higher self-consciousness through daily spiritual practices such as meditation, journaling, and spending time with positive family & friends.

Here are 16 ideas to help you tap into your higher self every day.

1. Let go of what isn’t you.

If you’re on a journey to connect with your higher self and you don’t know where to begin, letting go is a good place to start.

When you let go of things that are not you, it makes it easier to tap into your higher self.

Think of it like removing weights that are holding you down so that you can move easier.

Or cleaning the clutter out of your closet so that you have more space in it so you can see your clothes better.

Letting go helps you remove inner blocks to your true self so you can more easily tap into your higher self.

2. Do some shadow work.

One way to tap into your higher self is to do some shadow work.

Shadow work is tapping into your darker side so you can understand yourself better.

Your shadow self is the part of you that you want to keep hidden from yourself and others. It’s the side of you that you have lost touch with because it can trigger negative feelings.

Your shadow self and your higher self are two sides of the same coin because they’re both a part of who you are.

When you do shadow work, you take a look at the things in your life that you may have long forgotten, have held you back, kept you scared, made you angry, or kept you from living the life you want.

Shadow work is a great way to reconnect with the parts of you that need healing so you can get in touch with your higher self.

3. Become more self-aware.

A simple tool you can learn to help you connect with your higher self is being more self-aware.

Self-awareness is simply noticing what is going on with your thoughts and actions while being in the present moment.

Or ask yourself questions that will help you become more self-aware, like, “What am I good at? Where would I like to be in a year? What is my dream job?”

You can practice while you sit still for just a few minutes a day and simply notice what’s going on inside of you and around you.

I’ve found that the best way to get the most out of it is while you’re interacting with others. When you’re interacting with someone, you can easily get caught up in your own thoughts and actions, making it hard to separate yourself from them.

This can lead to disconnect and even conflict. This is why this type of awareness is tricky. However, it’s very effective.

It helps you to process your thinking & behavior patterns effectively while granting you access to a higher consciousness.

The more you become self-aware, the better you will be able to tap into your higher self.

4. Get to know yourself.

Getting to know yourself is an easy way to tap into your higher self. You can do this by asking yourself simple questions. A good place to start is by making a list of your likes and dislikes.

This list can be as simple as writing down your favorite foods, activities, and places to go; then following up with a list of things that you don’t like.

It’s important to get to know yourself better not just to tap into your higher self, but to understand how your mind works and how your beliefs affect your behavior.

You gain more clarity of yourself so that you can connect with your higher self in a meaningful way.

5. Find your identity.

Finding your identity is both a tool and a goal to help you connect with your higher self. We live in an age where we can embark on a journey to find our authentic self without ever leaving our homes, thanks to the internet and social media.

This has allowed us unlimited access to information that is available 24/7 to help us gain insights and clues about who we truly are.

Ironically, this same tool has become a source of misinformation and even stress. There are so many people using the internet that it’s hard to sort through what’s real and what’s not real.

But it is worth the effort because how you identify yourself is linked to your higher self.

6. Get in touch with your spiritual side.

Getting in touch with your spiritual side is a great way to get in touch with your higher self. Your spiritual self is your divine self, that part of you that you can’t see.

You get a sense of your own spirituality when your spirits are lifted or when you’re doing something that makes you light up inside.

You don’t have to leave the physical world, enter a spiritual realm, undergo a huge spiritual awakening, or meditate for hours to get in touch with your spiritual self.

You can begin your spiritual journey by asking yourself one question, “What will make me happy in this moment?”

This tiny practice over time can help you grow spiritually. The more you practice getting in touch with your spiritual side, the better able you can connect with your higher self.

7. Listen to your gut.

If you’re not listening to your gut, you may be missing out on opportunities that align with your higher self.

Our lives involve making many, many choices. Most of the time they’re easy and manageable. Sometimes they’re very difficult and you don’t know what to do.

These are the times when you have to listen to your gut. Your gut is your inner wisdom. It is your higher self signaling your physical body to grab your attention.

You can use your gut as a guide when making tough decisions or when you’re experiencing something that doesn’t feel right.

When in doubt, tap into your inner guidance and listen to your gut.

8. Be authentic.

Being your authentic self is a great way to connect with your higher self. However, many of us feel like we don’t belong, which is why it’s harder in practice than in theory.

It’s challenging to be our authentic selves in a world that tells us what we’re supposed to look like, behave, and buy into.

We see it in magazines, television, the internet, books, and social media. It’s almost inescapable.

There are simple ways to practice authenticity. You can start by stepping out of your comfort zone in tiny ways so you don’t feel too uncomfortable.

For example, you can go to a new cafe you’ve never been to but always wanted to try. Or wear your hair in a style you wanted to try but was always afraid to.

These little practices over time can help you express your true nature and become your authentic self.

9. Do some journaling.

Journaling is a great way to get in touch with your higher self by writing down the things that are in your mind so you can see them more clearly on paper.

Sometimes it’s hard to see who you truly are because your brain processes so much information each day.

Journaling allows you do to regular self reflection and soul searching through writing.

It’s a tool you can use to can gain some clarity about who you are and a great way to connect more deeply with your inner self.

10. Try meditating.

Meditation is a great tool to help you connect to your higher self. In some ways, it allows you to create a state of higher consciousness if you become prolific at it.

Mindfulness meditation is one way to help you establish a regular meditation habit.

The defining feature of this form of meditating is that it keeps you in the present moment while remaining unattached to what is happening within and around you.

It’s so simple that you can do it anywhere such as while brushing your teeth, walking, or even talking to someone.

Another type of meditation that I use quite often myself is to pay attention to your own breath. This is particularly helpful when I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or need a brain reset.

You simply pay attention to your breath while you allow all your thoughts, feelings, and sensations to come up and flow out of you.

There are other forms of meditation that you might be doing already that you might not think of as a meditation practice like prayer, cleaning, art, exercising, eating, and even shopping.

Contrary to what people may think, the goal of meditation is not to sit silently for hours in a quiet space to empty your mind.

It’s about connecting with your higher self through awareness and acceptance.

11. Spend some time alone.

Sometimes you need to get rid of distractions in order to connect with your higher self. One of the best ways to do it is to spend some time alone.

This is not the kind of alone time that makes you feel lonely. It’s the kind that feels satisfying, rejuvenating, and fulfilling.

One way is to do it is to spend some time alone in nature. Nature has a way of helping you come back to yourself by making you feel connected, grounded, and centered.

However, not everyone has access to a forest or the beach, not everyone likes the idea of being completely alone, and not everyone has the luxury of taking time off to be by themselves.

One way to feel like you’ve spent some quality alone time is to unplug and disconnect in your own home.

Though there are several ways to do it, one way is to find what Joseph Campbell calls your sacred space.

I call my sacred space my golden hour (it’s usually longer than an hour). I don’t check my email or social media and I don’t have the tv on so I won’t be distracted.

It’s usually on a Sunday and I spend my time doing nothing but the things I love like read, play piano, or paint.

It brings meaning to my life and I look forward to it every week.

12. Find a supportive community.

You might need help from others to find your higher self. One reason why this is important is because other people might observe things about you that you are not aware of.

Another reason is because loneliness can increase the risk of developing certain diseases. Getting support, especially if you’re not receiving it in your own home, can impact your health.

The benefits of having a supportive community in terms of connecting with your higher self are validation, encouragement, inspiration, camaraderie, a safety net, and positive experiences.

Having a group of like-minded individuals can feel validating, so search for or get help from people who make you feel uplifted and supported.

13. Discover your purpose in life.

Your purpose in life is your reason for doing what you do. The Japanese call it, ikigai, or your reason for being.

Your life’s purpose is important because it allows you to see life from the perspective of your higher self. When you know your life’s mission, you get a sense that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.

This is important because life can become routine, boring, and also challenging.

We need a strong purpose when we feel like quitting because things can get mundane or difficult.

It reminds us why are are doing the things we do so we can accomplish what we set out to do in the first place.

One technique I use to find my life’s purpose is to name my top 3 core values and align them with my goals.

It’s simple and easy and I use it each time I feel like my life’s purpose needs a reboot.

14. Follow your bliss.

Joseph Campbell said following your bliss puts you on a track that was yours to begin with, which can lead you back to your true self or your higher self.

You can start following your bliss by being curious about what you want in life. Ask yourself these questions to help you find your bliss:

  • What lights me up inside?
  • What makes me feel alive?
  • What makes me excited to get up in the morning?
  • Would would do even if I wasn’t getting paid for it?
  • What makes me forget the time?
  • What am I already good at?

15. Practice self-love.

I didn’t know what self-love meant for the longest time.  I grew up believing it was selfish to love yourself.

It took a very long time for me to learn that it isn’t selfish to love yourself. Loving yourself is a great way to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

If you’re a people pleaser, it helps you create healthy boundaries so you’re not stretching yourself too thin.

It’s a way to preserve your energy so you can connect with your higher self and be the best version of yourself for others.

16. Get moving.

Some people are better able to get in touch with their higher self through movement. You can try exercising, hiking in nature, yoga, cross fit, walking, dancing, running, swimming, or any type of activity that you feel drawn to.

I feel connected to my higher self when I go for my daily morning walks. It’s something that makes me feel fulfilled and happy at the same time.

I put on my earphones and listen to a good book or podcast and I feel like I’m walking on clouds.

Any type of activity that resonates with you is the best way to connect with your higher self.

The Takeaway.

The road to your higher self might seem long and winding but if you take one step at a time, you will eventually reach the place that was closer than you thought.

Your higher self is your guide and your inspiration in life. When you are connected to your higher self, you get a sense of your divine self while accepting your flaws and imperfections.

The journey to your higher self doesn’t have to be long and winding. You can connect with your higher self through simple, daily practices such as journaling, meditating, spending time alone, and even exercising.

I hope you found these tips on how to connect with your higher self helpful. Do you have any tips you want to share? Please let me know in the comments!

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