Is your day so busy that you don't have time or energy to spend doing the things you love?

Do you also feel guilty for wanting to take better care of yourself, even if you know that it's going to make you feel more recharged and balanced?  If you want to feel like yourself again, I hear you.  I used to be so busy that I was living my life on autopilot and felt constantly stressed and overwhelmed.  Then I discovered a way to live my life with more meaning and joy.  You don't have to spend another minute feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed.

I loved that I started out addressing one area of my life that ended up taking me on a journey that allowed me to explore different facets of that area, i.e. learning how to effectively communicate led me to address my listening skills and later realizing that I am an empath.  I did not know this about myself, which is valuable information.  It has helped me understand myself better.  You are a good listener, caring, and resourceful.  You have a calm demeanor, which I find inviting when discussing difficult issues.

~Andrea K. - California


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