I believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy and meaningful life.

My mission is to help you live an optimal, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle that is in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

I am here to help you:

Discover your core values and beliefs and align them with your life goals.

Find more fulfillment in your personal, professional, and social life.

Optimize your health so you can spend your precious time doing what you love.

My story.

For years, I was a registered dental hygienist and oral health care professional.  I advised my patients on systemic health & wellness tips to achieve optimal oral health.  During those years, I learned that every person has unique needs and developed personalized strategies to help them with their goals.

Although I was adept at helping others, I struggled for years to find time to care for myself, was constantly stressed, and felt like I lost a sense of purpose and identity.

Then, I discovered simple practices to help me become healthier, gain strength, & have vibrant energy every day.

Becoming healthy in mind, body, and spirit has enabled me to experience more calm, joy, and purpose in my life.  It also helped me find a healthy balance between my personal, professional, and social life.

I want to use all my professional & personal skills to help you achieve optimal wellness because your personal health is one of the most important things you possess.

My background

Certified Mindful Health & Wellness Coach - Guiding Mindful Change.
Registered Dental Hygienist - California.
Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene - Cypress College.
Bachelor of Arts in History and strong background in biological & health sciences - University of California Irvine.
Born in the Philippines, grew up in Guam, California resident since the age of 9.
Married my college sweetheart.
A mom to 3 awesome boys.

A little more about me.

Third Bliss photo

As a working mom of 3, I know what it's like to feel tired, overscheduled, and overwhelmed.  For far too long, I didn't address the disconnect and stress that I was experiencing practically every day.

I searched high and low for answers, but nothing I tried could create lasting change.  Once I found my answers, however, they were so simple yet hard to believe. The once elusive feeling of bliss was not missing, but an awareness of what was already there.

The beginning

Back in 2005, my husband Paul and I tied the knot. We wanted to start a family, and a couple of years later, I had my first son. I remember feeling so blissful one morning after we brought him home.  I was floating in a bubble of love, joy and peace. We lived in a tiny, one bedroom apartment and I had just started my career as a dental hygienist.

A couple years later, we had our second son. Our love multiplied, and so did our responsibilities, obligations, possessions, and debt. Anxiety and stress surfaced more than moments of bliss.

I had everything I ever wanted and worked for.  Yet I still felt deep dissatisfaction and stress.  So I chose not to deal with my feelings because I had more important things to take care of.  Subsequently, I put myself on autopilot.

Fast forward 7 years, our third son was born, and he was everything I could have ever wanted.  This time around was different, however.  All the unpleasant feelings and emotions that I pushed into my subconscious over the years had resurfaced as multiple health issues (post-partum depression, anxiety, and breast cancer).  I had to finally wake up and face all the "junk" that I accumulated so I could start living a life I love rather than just exist.

Letting go

I let go of material things in the beginning so that I didn’t feel like I was drowning in my stuff. It was satisfying for a while, but with 6 people under 1 roof, it was hard to keep our things under control.

Plus, deep down, I knew it had to be more than just cutting down on material possessions and simplifying. I knew I had to let go of internal clutter and make significant changes in my life.

Turning point

I discovered mindfulness by "accident" while scrolling through social media.  Instead of inspiring and entertaining me like they used to, the beautiful posts were triggering negative feelings inside.  Rather than feed my unpleasant emotions, I decided to investigate constructive ways of channeling them.

In a moment of serendipity, an article about mindfulness caught my attention.  After reading it, a light bulb was turned on.  The idea was so simple that I couldn't believe it.  I continued to practice, learn, and discover more each day.

Over time, I incorporated other methods of self-care into my daily routine.   These practices have improved my mental, spiritual, and physical health.  They also enabled me to experience life with greater joy, meaning, purpose, and love.

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