I'm passionate about helping people find their passions and purpose in life because I believe that they can help you thrive in all areas of life.

My mission is to help you:

Identify your core values & beliefs and align them with your passions & purpose in life.

Create meaningful goals that will help you succeed in your work and personal life.

Make time for what's most important to you and live a life that is purposeful, authentic, and joyful.


Certified Health & Wellness Coach; Certified Life Coach - Guiding Mindful Change.
Registered Dental Hygienist - California.
Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene - Cypress College.
Bachelor of Arts in History with a strong background in biological & health sciences - University of California Irvine.


Hi, I'm Christine.  I had undiagnosed postpartum depression after having my third child.  Two years later, I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.  I knew that after I completed all the necessary treatments to get well, that I had to find my purpose in life because up until my diagnosis, I was unclear about who I was, what my values & beliefs were, and what my goals in life were.  Eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, and getting help for my mental and emotional issues all contributed to me getting well.  However, I knew deep down that if I wanted to thrive and not repeat my past mistakes, I would need to live a life that was meaningful & authentic to me.

So I began my healing journey by following my bliss, which was something I would have felt guilty about in the past.  It lead me to discover what truly gives me meaning, joy, and purpose in life, which helped me live a life that felt healthier and more fulfilling.  I believe that having passion, meaning, and purpose in life is essential to your health and wellness because this is what brings your life joy, meaning, direction, motivation, and inspiration.  It's your big reason why...it's the unseen, driving force behind everything you do.  I'm passionate about what I do because I love seeing people thrive in all aspects of their life in a way that is in alignment with their authentic selves.

Family portrait

More fun facts about me:  I'm married to my college sweetheart, a mom of 3 awesome boys, and passionate about coffee, chocolate, and traveling.

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