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One powerful sign that you’ve found your calling in life is gaining a sense of purpose and belonging in the world. As if you’ve been given a divine task that has been waiting just for you to complete it.

Sometimes, that little gremlin called doubt rears its head and makes you second-guess yourself. If you need validation about your calling, read the following 5 signs that you’ve found your calling in life for clarity and peace of mind.

1. Gaining A Purpose In Life.

One way to tell that you’ve found your calling is gaining a sense of purpose in life. When you have a purpose in life, you have clarity of where your life is headed because you have direction and focus.

When I lost my sense of purpose, I felt directionless and confused. It affected my mental & physical health to the point where I had to seek treatment.

I knew I was was on the right track when I found my calling in life and gained a sense of purpose & belonging in the world. I also gained my health back, along with an inner compass, to guide me through life.

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Life can feel senseless and confusing, so a purpose creates a path for you to follow. It makes you feel like you’re in control, even if you don’t know what the outcome will be.

A purpose can also make your life feel more meaningful because it aligns your core values with your goals. Thus, your work & what you produce match your ideals and beliefs.

This is significant if you want to live a life that is truly your own. If you don’t define what you want and how you want your life to play out, you run the risk of living someone else’s life.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this because you can choose to live someone else’s life if you want. Or your capabilities & circumstances limit you somehow, such as the case with children, people with disabilities, and the oppressed.

But for the most part, we are given free will, even if circumstances make it challenging.

If you have the opportunity and choice to live a life that is defined by you, then having a sense of purpose can help facilitate this. It’s also a powerful indicator that you’ve found your calling in life.

2. Gaining A Sense Of Fulfillment.

Another sign that you’ve founding your calling is having a deep sense of fulfillment when you’re doing the thing you were called to do. Your calling can fill you with joy, happiness, contentment, meaning, and satisfaction.

It’s a proverbial “cup runneth over” feeling that can be hard to pinpoint because it’s multifaceted and unique to each person but you know it when you “see” it.

I get a deep sense of fulfillment when I’m my writing and researching about my favorite topics, health & wellness. I derive great joy & happiness from them even if I find them challenging. They also fill my life with meaning, contentment, & satisfaction.

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If you want to know whether or not your calling gives you a sense of fulfillment, answer the following questions:

  1. Do I love what I’m doing?
  2. Does it excite me?
  3. Does it light me up inside?
  4. Does it make me happy?
  5. Does it make me forget the time?
  6. Would I do it for free?
  7. Does it make me feel alive just thinking about it?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, chances are, you’ve found your calling in life.

3. It Serves And Benefits Others.

In my experience, following my calling always served or benefitted others in some way. If your calling serves and benefits others, then it’s a good sign that you’ve found it.

I had many callings in life and dabbled in nursing, medicine, fashion design, horticulture, landscaping, piano, and poetry. Even though I didn’t take a deep dive into any of them, when I answered my callings, they all served & benefitted others in some way.

Humans are inherently social creatures and we are naturally drawn to one another. The late Austrian physician & psychotherapist Alfred Adler theorized that we are all unique individuals and at the same time are inextricably linked to others & the world around us.

Being of service to others makes us feel useful and helping another fellow human just feels good. Furthermore, helping others is beneficial to our health, which further promotes our social bonds.

So if you’re in doubt about whether or not you’ve found your calling, think about the ways in which your work serves, benefits, and helps other people. If it does, then it’s a good sign that you’ve found your calling.

4. It Aligns With Your Core Values.

When your work aligns with your core values, it’s a good sign that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. When I say work, I don’t mean the one that you get paid for. Although, if you were getting paid for your calling, it would be icing on the cake.

The kind of work I’m talking about is the one that is aligned with your personal core values. I’m a dental hygienist by trade, I get paid for it, and it’s rewarding in more ways than one. But I wouldn’t say it was my calling.

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My calling is researching, writing, & practicing wellness philosophies & techniques. I’m not earning an income from it, but I love it and it’s work that is aligned with my top 3 core values, which are my family, health, and creativity.

If you’re not sure what your core values are, they are the things that are most important to you. Here are some examples:

  • Money
  • Ambition
  • Recognition
  • Loyalty
  • Friendship
  • Education
  • Freedom
  • Integrity

When you know your top core values, you can use them to prioritize, set goals, and make important life decisions. I prioritize my values as much as I can and design my life and work around them.

When I don’t prioritize them, it causes inner tension and discord and it’s only a matter of time before other areas of my life are affected.

If whatever it is that you produce is in alignment with your core values, chances are, you have found your calling.

5. You Can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else.

Lastly, a good way to tell if something is your calling is to take it out of the equation. This is a good exercise to try if you’re having doubts about it.

I do this exercise when I notice that I’m taking something for granted, like having hot water from the faucet, a washer and dryer that works, or a choice in what I want to eat every day.

I imagine what it feels like not to have these things and it makes me appreciate them so much more. You can try this exercise by imagining what your life would be like if you didn’t pursue your calling.

Start by finding a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Imagine what your life would be like without your calling. If it feels unpleasant or it’s hard to imagine your life without it, chances are, you’ve found your calling in life.

Final Thoughts On Finding Your True Calling.

Deciding on whether or not your calling in life is the right one call be unnerving because it can impact your life in a significant way. Just remember that your calling is more your salary, career, profession, or business.

Your calling is that powerful sense of purpose, fulfillment, altruism, alignment, and appreciation that arise when you’re engaged in it and are unmistakable signs that you have found it.

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Have you found your calling in life? If so, what is it and how did you know you found the right one? Please share in the comment section!

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