playing the piano as passion project ideas

A passion project is something you do because you love it, you’re strongly drawn to it, and it brings meaning to your life.

Here are just a few examples of passion projects to give you an idea of what I mean:

  • Sketching natural landscapes every weekend
  • Working in a community outreach program
  • Tutoring kids at a local middle school

Passion projects allow you to explore things that are outside of your “normal” life. They are a fantastic way to:

  • nurture your creativity
  • pursue your interests
  • learn new skills
  • build your portfolio
  • and even launch a new career.

Passion projects are important because they can help you grow as a person as well as bring meaning and purpose to your life.

They can be undertaken by anyone, from students to professionals, and can range from short-term to long-term projects.

There are plenty of sources available out there if you’re looking for some passion project ideas such as:

  • exploring your own interests
  • taking up a hobby
  • browsing online forums
  • looking for communities on the web
  • attending events
  • attending conferences
  • taking a class
  • going to a workshop
  • or looking for opportunities to collaborate with others.

However, if you have no clue where to start, you’ve come to the perfect place because I have 75 passion project ideas to help you get started.

I even divided them up into different categories to make it easy and simple for you to read through them and choose the ones that resonate with you.

Short-term Passion Projects

A short-term passion project can be a great way to challenge yourself, boost creativity, and explore new hobbies & interests.

They can also: 

  • be completed in a relatively short period of time
  • help you jumpstart something you’ve always wanted to try
  • experiment with different interests without spending too much time
  • be done during a specific time of year
  • offer something that won’t disrupt your life too much.

1. Eat healthier in 14 days

If you want to eat healthier, this passion project can help you reach your goal in just 2 weeks.

I became passionate about eating healthier as a kid and one of the simplest ways I learned to do it was through drinking green smoothies.

Green smoothies are a mix of green vegetables and other healthy ingredients that can help you kickstart a healthy eating habit.  If this is your passion you can also start healthy eating by researching the following:

  • healthy recipes
  • cookbooks for healthy eating
  • online courses
  • and workshops for eating healthier.

Then make it a part of your lifestyle, after you’ve achieved your goal, through meal planning and tracking your progress.

2. Express Gratitude for 30 days

Gratitude is a subtle and powerful tool that can help increase your sense of abundance and joy through daily practice.

I tried gratitude journaling for 30 days and it changed my life forever.  At the beginning of my little experiment, I journaled about the same thing and then decided to focus on just one thing to be grateful for each day.

At the end of my 30-day project, I remember feeling more joyful and abundant.  I felt more expansive, happier, and calmer.

If you’re interested in this type of passion project, you can journal about 1 thing you’re grateful for each day and track your progress.

Or you can express gratitude each day by saying thanks to someone or expressing gratitude for the things and people in your life.

3. Memorize a Speech

If you’re passionate about public speaking, then memorizing and presenting a speech is the way to go.

Public speaking is something that many people are afraid of, myself included, but is a valuable skill that can boost your confidence and open up new opportunities.

A project like this can involve researching interesting topics, exploring effective public speaking techniques, writing a speech, and practicing delivery.

There are many resources available such as International Toastmasters, public speaking workshops, improv classes, and acting lessons.

4. Redecorate a room

If you love designing spaces but don’t have a massive budget or time, redecorating a room is a great short-term passion project to play with.

Redecorating a room can be a fun and creative project that can transform a space and you don’t have to buy anything new.

You can try feng shui, the art of creating harmony and flow in your space, by simply moving your furniture around.

Or Wabi Sabi, the art of practicing minimalism & mindfulness, while using its principles in designing your space.

Resources such as interior design blogs, window shopping at home decor stores, perusing the home design section at your local library, or Pinterest can be helpful in achieving this goal.

5. Learn How to do a Tea Ceremony

Learning how to do a tea ceremony can be a wonderful passion project to take on and can be a relaxing & meditative experience.

It may involve researching the history and cultural significance, practicing the ceremony, and sharing the experience with others.

One popular type of tea ceremony is the Japanese tea ceremony, of which there are several types, and can involve hours of preparation, serving, and drinking.

You can also find resources on the internet, at your local library, or by attending events & workshops.

6. Learn to Bake a Cake

Learning to bake a cake is a great short-term passion project that can be fun, satisfying, and delicious.

Although baking cakes is not one of my passions, I do make a carrot cake once or twice a year and it’s a tasty reward in and of itself because I get into the zone.

Baking a cake can involve researching recipes, reading blogs on baking cakes, practicing baking techniques, and sharing the finished product with your loved ones.

7. Declutter your Space in 7 days

Decluttering your space within a week can be a satisfying experience that can be completed with a little time and effort.

There are so many ways to declutter but I will discuss 2 ways that I learned and you probably heard of before.

One decluttering technique that I learned was by reading a book by Marie Kondo, “The life-changing magic of tidying up.”

The author, who is a guru of decluttering, developed a technique of organizing your space and things, called the KonMari method.

Another way I learned to declutter was reading a blog by the Minimalists, where they teach you how to simplify your life, step-by-step.

Long-term Passion Projects

Unlike short-term passion projects, long-term passion projects can take months or even years to complete. They require focus and dedication to something you truly love.

Long-term passion projects are an excellent way to explore a creative passion project, build a career, and find meaning in your life.

Here are some ideas for long-term passion projects that can help you get started:

8. Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on living with less. It’s a way of living that is not for the faint of heart.

You have to simplify your life by reducing your possessions and that may include things that you are emotionally attached to.

I tried minimalism for a short period of time and it helped me focus on the things that are most important to me.

Over time I learned that this lifestyle limited me because I focused on how little stuff I was able to consume and accumulate versus how well I lived my life.

Despite its limitations, this lifestyle can become a long-term passion project because it does allow you to focus on the things that matter most to you and it works for a lot of people.

9. Home Restoration

Restoring your home can be a great long-term passion project.  I own an older home that needed restoration.

We took on little projects here and there and it was a challenging but rewarding experience.

This type of project can involve restoring an old home to its former glory, or simply updating and modernizing your current home.

With a little creativity and hard work, you can transform your living space into a beautiful and functional sanctuary.

10. Car Restoration

If you’re a car lover, this is a great project for you because it involves a love of classic cars and a passion for mechanics.

A passion project such as this can take years and may involve restoring an old car to its former glory, or simply fixing up and customizing your current vehicle.

With a little patience and attention to detail, you can create a unique and beautiful car that reflects your personality and style.

11. Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is a long-term passion project that can provide a lifetime of joy and fulfillment.

I took piano lessons for 4 years as a freshman in high school and loved every minute of it.  I still play on my piano to this day.

Even though I don’t get paid to play on my piano I still do it because I love learning new songs and techniques.

This project can help you develop your skills and express your creativity whether you choose to play the guitar, piano, or any other instrument.

12. Mindfulness

I started practicing mindfulness many years ago and the first 5 years did not make complete sense to me.

After around the 5-year mark, I started noticing a change in the way I think and act.  I became more self-aware and began to understand the benefits & purpose of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a practice that involves being present in the moment and cultivating compassion for yourself and others.

Mindfulness is a great long-term project that can teach you to be more in tune with yourself if you lack self-awareness.

It’s also been known to increase your overall well-being if you practice regularly.

13. Write a Book

Writing a book is a long-term passion project that can be both rewarding and challenging.

I’ve never written a book myself but it’s a long-term goal I would like to achieve someday. 

Whether you choose to write a novel, memoir, or self-help book, this project can help you express yourself and share your ideas with the world.

14. Start a Non-profit

Starting a non-profit can be a long-term passion project that can make a positive impact on your community and the world.

This project can involve identifying a need in your community and developing a plan to address it.

With the right resources and a dedicated team, you can create a non-profit that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

15. Start a Business

Starting a business is another long-term passion project that is not for the faint of heart because it’s risky.

It can involve identifying a need in the market and developing a product or service that meets that need.

Owning your own business can be tremendously rewarding because you have more control over your finances, work schedule, and creativity.

You can create a successful business that reflects your values and passions with the right planning and resources.

16. Travel Across the Country

Traveling in your own country can be a great long-term passion project that can provide a sense of adventure and exploration.

For many years my family and I have traveled across the US and we still do it to this day. 

With a little planning, you can create memorable and fulfilling travel experiences by

  • planning your route
  • identifying interesting landmarks
  • visiting major attractions
  • tasting local food
  • and meeting new people along the way.

17. Global Backpacking

Backpacking across the globe could be a passion project that can take months or even years to complete.

It might involve extensive planning, especially if you are traveling around the world with only the bare essentials. 

I’ve traveled to different countries with my family (though have yet to try global backpacking) and my favorite part is immersing myself in different cultures.

Being a world traveler not only exposes you to different cultures but also a lifestyle that can be meaningful and purposeful.

Traditional Passion Projects

Traditional passion projects can include things like writing a novel or creating a work of art. These are projects that have been around for a long time and have been tried and tested.

18. Become an Educator

Being an educator is a great way to give back to the community and impart knowledge to others.

There are many ways to educate others such as:

  • teaching at a local school
  • becoming a professor
  • helping out in the classroom
  • tutoring someone
  • or teaching someone your expertise or skills. 

19. Internship

Internships are a great way to gain practical experience and learn new skills, whether you are paid or not.

You can find internships in a variety of fields, including business, law, and medicine.

The best type of internship is one that is related to your interests and career goals.

20. Mentorship

Mentorship is a great way to learn from someone who has already achieved success in your field of interest.

You can also provide mentorship to someone who needs your help and is just starting in their field.

Look for mentors who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you or mentees who are willing to learn from your expertise.

21. Horticulture

Horticulture is the practice of growing and nurturing plants.  I was once so passionate about horticulture that I thought I was going to be certified in this field.

I outgrew this passion but I still love to garden.

There are many ways to practice horticulture such as gardening, planting trees, landscaping, and growing vegetables. 

22. Pursue a Higher Degree

You can pursue a higher degree in something that you’re passionate about.  It does require some time, focus, and spending lots of money.

However, getting a higher degree is an excellent way to improve your skills and knowledge in your field of interest.

Some examples are graduate programs, postbaccalaureate work, professional certification, and a Ph.D.

23. Get Published in a Journal

Getting published in a journal is a great way to showcase your writing skills and gain recognition for your work.

It’s also a great way to study something you’re passionate about that is related to your field of interest.

24. Write Poetry

Poetry is a wonderful way to express your emotions through words.  It’s an art form that can showcase your creativity and writing skills.

If you’re passionate about poetry, you can get started by researching on the web, going to your local library, attending poetry workshops, or establishing your own poetry group.

25. Creative Activities

If you’re passionate about anything creative, you can start by learning something by yourself or by taking classes.  Some examples of creative activities include:

  • Acting
  • Playing music
  • Sketching
  • Painting
  • Making crafts

26. Wellness Activities

I have to admit that I am a bit of a wellness junkie and needless to say it is my passion in life.

I’ve loved health and wellness since I first patched up my little sister with a band-aid on her knee when I was about 7 years old.

There are so many great wellness activities you can start if this is your passion such as:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Ayurveda
  • Mindfulness
  • Journaling
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Herbology
  • Detoxing

27. Physical Fitness Activities

If you’re passionate about being fit, then here are just a few examples of physical activities that will strengthen your body as well as your mind & spirit:

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Weightlifting
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • Sports
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Doing a marathon 

Out-of-the-box Passion Projects

Passion projects that are “out of the box” are non-traditional.  We’ll explore some unique ideas that are unconventional, inspiring, and motivating.

28. Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that is quickly growing in popularity and combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.

It’s played on a smaller court with a lower net, making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels.

Starting a pickleball club or league in your community can be a great way to meet new people, get some exercise, and share your passion for the sport.

29. Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that involves repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer.

The idea behind kintsugi is that the repaired object becomes more beautiful and valuable than it was before it was broken.

Learning kintsugi can be a meditative and rewarding experience, and can also help you develop a sense of gratitude for the imperfections in life.

30. Airplane Flying

Flying an airplane may seem intimidating, but it can also be an incredibly exhilarating and rewarding experience.

Taking flying lessons and earning a pilot’s license can open up a whole new world of travel and adventure as well as a new perspective in life.

Whether you’re interested in flying for fun or as a career, pursuing your passion for aviation can be a life-changing experience.

31. Honey Making

Beekeeping and honeymaking are becoming increasingly popular hobbies as people become more interested in sustainable living and supporting local agriculture.

Starting a beehive in your backyard and harvesting your own honey can be a fascinating and rewarding experience.

It can also help you develop a greater appreciation for the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

32. YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be a great way to share your passion with the world and connect with like-minded people.

Whether you’re interested in cooking, gaming, beauty, or anything in between, there’s an audience out there for you.

Creating and uploading videos can also help you develop skills in video editing, social media marketing, and public speaking.

33. Painting Rocks

Man has been painting on rocks for thousands of years and I admit that this would not have been my first pick as a passion project.

However, painting rocks can be a fun hobby for people of all ages.  You can paint rocks of all sizes & shapes and your imagination is literally the limit when it comes to this type of passion project.

It’s a fun and creative way to spread joy and positivity or relax and unwind after a long day.

Passion Projects for Students

As a kid in school, I didn’t have a chance to do a passion project because it didn’t exist in the curriculum.

Now, schools all over the world have passion projects built into their curricula and are highly encouraged.

Passion projects are a great way for students to explore their interests outside of the classroom, develop new skills, and find a sense of purpose.

Here are some fun & engaging ideas for passion projects for students to pursue:

Elementary School Passion Projects

34. Join the Science Club

If a student has a passion for science, they can join a science club at their school or in their community.

This will allow them to connect with like-minded kids, learn about new scientific discoveries, and participate in experiments and projects.

35. Create a Reading List

For students who love to read, creating a list of books & reading material can be a great passion project.

They can choose topics they are interested in, new ideas that challenge them, or simply material that entertains them.

This project can help them develop their critical thinking skills as well as broaden their knowledge.

36. Make a Report on National Monument

Students who are interested in history or geography can choose a national monument and create a report on it.

This project can help them develop their research and writing skills as well as research the history of the monument, its significance, and its current state.

37. Learn How to Use the Scratch Coding Program

For students who are interested in technology, learning how to use the Scratch coding program can be a great passion project.

Scratch is a visual programming language that allows students to create interactive stories, games, and animations.

This project can help them develop their coding skills, critical thinking, and creativity.

38. Make a Window Garden Box

Students who are interested in gardening can create a window garden box. This project can help them learn all about plants, soil, and gardening techniques.

It can also provide a sense of confidence and accomplishment as they watch their plants grow.

39. Get a Butterfly Kit

For students who are interested in biology, getting a butterfly kit can be a great passion project that doesn’t require more than setting it up & watching the creatures grow.

They can observe the life cycle of a butterfly from every stage and learn about metamorphosis.

This project can also help them develop their observation and recording skills as well as invoke a sense of awe and wonder.

40. Start Scrapbooking

If your student loves designing and crafts, starting a scrapbook can be a great passion project.

They can collect photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia and create a unique scrapbook that reflects their personality.

41. Learn How to Grow Crystals

I remember when my sister first brought home strange-looking crystals that she grew at school.

They continued to grow after she brought them home and I was fascinated by their growth pattern and colors.

Students who are interested in chemistry can learn how to grow crystals. This project can help them learn about the properties of different substances and the process of crystallization.

It can also provide a sense of accomplishment and a valuable learning opportunity as they watch their crystals grow.

42. Invent Something

For students who love to solve problems, inventing something can be a great passion project.

They can identify a problem and come up with a creative solution. This project can help them develop their problem-solving skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Middle School Passion Projects

43. Learn Computer Coding

Introducing coding to middle schoolers is a great idea as it helps them develop problem-solving skills and enhance creativity.

Students can explore various platforms and resources such as Scratch or to start learning programming languages like Python or HTML.

By working on coding projects, students will not only gain technical skills but also have fun and showcase their unique creations.

44. Play Flag Football

Playing flag football can be an exhilarating activity for middle school students. This sport enables them to develop teamwork and social skills while remaining physically active.

You can check out your school’s sports programs for opportunities to play flag football on campus or search for leagues to learn, practice, and compete in flag football.

Flag football can be a platform for students to compete, have fun, and develop good sportsmanship.

45. Join The Art Club

For students who are passionate about the visual arts, joining an art club can be an excellent opportunity to explore and develop their artistic abilities.

Middle schoolers may learn about different art techniques, materials, and styles. Art clubs can also organize exhibitions to showcase the students’ creations and celebrate their talents.

46. Start Your Own Club

If students have a particular interest or hobby not represented in existing school clubs, they can start their own club.

With the support of a faculty member and like-minded peers, students can initiate and lead clubs that focus on their unique passions.

Starting a club can help students develop leadership skills and create a community around their interests.

47. Help Set Up A New After School Activity

Middle school students can contribute to their school communities by helping set up new after-school activities.

They can offer input on what types of activities would interest them and their peers, and work with faculty members to establish a new program.

Collaborating in this process allows students to explore their interests while developing organizational and leadership skills.

48. Learn How To Play An Instrument

Learning a musical instrument can be a rewarding and enjoyable passion project. Middle school students can join school bands or orchestras, take lessons, or even self-teach using online resources.

Along with mastering a new skill, playing an instrument can improve cognitive abilities, promote camaraderie, and boost self-confidence.

49. Create Jewelry

Jewelry making is a fun and creative hobby that can also be a great passion project. Students can experiment with different materials, techniques, and designs to create unique pieces.

They may even choose to sell their creations or give them as gifts to friends and family, showcasing their talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

50. Find Out Your Genealogy

Students can engage in genealogy research to learn more about their family history and cultural heritage.

With the support of online resources and family members, they can construct their family trees and uncover stories from their ancestors.

This mind-enriching project can spark a lifelong interest and help students develop research skills.

High School Passion Projects

51. Paint A Mural

For students with artistic abilities, painting a mural in their community can be a fantastic passion project. It allows them to showcase their creativity while beautifying their surroundings.

They can brainstorm ideas with fellow students or community members and collaborate on a design that reflects local culture, history, or any relevant social issues.

52. Volunteer At A Shelter

For those looking to make a difference in their community, volunteering at a shelter for people or animals in need can be an impactful passion project.

This experience can help students develop empathy and learn the importance of giving back to their community and to the earth.

53. Learn How To Hike

Students interested in nature and outdoor activities can take up hiking as a passion project.

By exploring local trails and parks, they can not only improve their physical fitness but also connect with nature and learn about local ecosystems.

54. Tutor Someone

High school students can share their expertise in a subject they excel in by tutoring fellow students or younger kids.

This type of passion project can help them reinforce their knowledge, enhance their teaching skills, and make a difference in someone else’s life.

55. Learn Computer Coding

In today’s digital age, learning computer coding is a valuable skill. Students can take up coding as a passion project, working on creating websites, apps, or games.

This can help them develop problem-solving skills and open up potential career paths for their future.

56. Help Clean Up A Beach

For students passionate about environmental issues, organizing a beach cleanup event is an excellent way to take action, raise awareness, and become socially conscious.

Participating in this kind of project helps preserve marine life and keeps coastal areas safe for everyone to enjoy.

57. Learn How To Fish

Fishing can be a relaxing and educational outdoor activity for students interested in this sport.

As a passion project, students can learn how to fish responsibly, gain knowledge about conservation, and appreciate the delicate balance of ecosystems.

58. Intern for a Company

High school students who want to explore possible career paths can consider interning at a local company in their field of interest.

This kind of passion project can give them a taste of professional life and help them gain valuable work experience.

59. Organize a Local Park Cleanup

Students can help their community by taking the initiative to organize a park cleanup event.

This passion project allows students to connect with other community members and contribute to creating a cleaner environment for all to enjoy.

60. Learn How to Create Visual Content

Visual content like photography or videography can be a creative and engaging passion project for high school students.

They can learn how to capture and edit stunning visuals for personal or professional use, enhancing their digital media skills.

61. Volunteer at a Hospital

Volunteering at a local hospital can be a rewarding experience for students looking to help others and learn about the healthcare industry.

I volunteered at a hospital many, many years ago and even got my poem published in their newsletter.

I got to help other people heal, learn a bit about the healthcare system, and meet new people.

This type of passion project can provide valuable insight into the medical field and help students develop important interpersonal & altruistic skills.

62. Run for Student Body

Taking on a leadership role in their high school can be an impactful passion project for students.

Running for a student body position allows them to work on their communication, organization, and problem-solving skills while working to improve their school environment.

63. Organize a Church Activity

For students involved in their local church, organizing a community event or activity can be a meaningful passion project.

They can bring people together, create a positive impact, and strengthen their connection to their faith community.

Passion Projects For College Students

64. Start A Greek Chapter

Starting a Greek chapter can be an exciting and rewarding passion project. It allows students to build strong networks, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the campus community.

Students can consult with their college’s Greek life office to gain an understanding of the necessary steps.

65. Become A Professor’s Assistant

Becoming a professor’s assistant can provide students with valuable experience in their chosen field of study.

This can help them gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, improve their research skills, and possibly even become involved in a research project.

66. Create An Interest Group

Creating an interest group on campus allows students to connect with others who share similar passions.

Students can consult their college admissions office or student activities center to learn about the steps for establishing a new club or organization.

67. Start A Tutoring Service

Starting a tutoring service is an excellent way for students to share their knowledge and support other students in need of academic assistance.

Tutoring can also enhance the tutor’s understanding of the subject matter and develop leadership and communication skills.

68. Become The School Paper Editor

Becoming the school paper editor can help students improve their writing, editing, and critical thinking skills.

Editing the school paper can also help students become more connected to the campus community and stay informed on current events at their school.

69. Mentor High School Students

Mentoring high school students can be a rewarding way for college students to share their experiences and knowledge about the college application process.

This can also provide college students with valuable teaching, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

70. Join A National Organization

Joining a national organization can provide college students with opportunities for networking, skill-building, and personal development.

Many organizations offer local chapters at colleges and universities, facilitating meaningful connections and experiences.

71. Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for college students, providing new perspectives on cultures and systems in other countries.

Higher education institutions often offer programs for students to study in different countries, providing unique academic experiences.

72. Become A Resident Adviser

Becoming a resident adviser (aka RA) can be a rewarding way for students to gain leadership experience while helping create a positive environment for fellow residents.

RAs typically oversee a floor or section of a residence hall, providing mentorship and support to their peers.

73. Go On A Summer Road Trip

A summer road trip can be an unforgettable adventure for college students. It offers a chance to explore new places, bond with friends, and create lasting memories.

Planning a safe and well-organized trip can also help students develop valuable organizational and problem-solving skills.

74. Become A Research Assistant

Becoming a research assistant is an excellent opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in their field of study.

Working with a professor or instructor on a specific research project allows students to deepen their understanding of the subject matter, develop research skills, and potentially contribute to scholarly publications.

75. Learn another language.

Learning a new language can be a passion that helps develop interpersonal skills and can open doors to opportunities.

There are many ways to start learning another language such as taking a class, learning from a friend, reading a book, or using an app like Duolingo.

Whether you’re a student or someone whose been in the workforce for decades, you have many ideas at your disposal for passion projects.

Final Thoughts On Finding Your Passion

Passion is the experience of strongly identifying with an activity, feeling motivated to engage in it, and experiencing positive affect when doing it.”

Remember, finding your passion is a journey, not a destination. You might not find what you love right away and that’s okay.

Just keep trying and experimenting until you find something you truly love. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process of self-discovery.

More Ways To Find Your Passion

If you want more ideas on finding your passion, check out my handy list of 130+ passions plus tips on how to pursue them.

If you like reading and want some book recommendations, I have a list of 7 best books on finding your passions to help you out.

Lastly, if you already found your passion after reading through this helpful post and you want to take it a step further, check out my list of the 9 best books on finding purpose, passion, and meaning in life.

Let me know if you have a passion project idea to add to this list!

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