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Self-discovery journal prompts are tools that can help you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behavior.

One of the best ways to discover who you are and increase your self-awareness is through journaling.

Journaling is beneficial in multiple ways because not only do you get to know yourself better, you gain insight into how you make decisions every day, how you are currently living your life, and the ways in which you want to change your life for the better.

Journaling for self-discovery allows you to reflect on your past so you don’t end up making the same mistakes over and over again. It can even help you create a life that feels more meaningful and purposeful.

If you’re going to embark on a self-discovery journey, you’ve come to the right place. I have some journaling prompts to help you get started so you can get to know yourself better, increase your self-awareness, and connect with yourself on a deeper level.

You’ll also learn what a self-discovery prompt is, how it can help you, and the ways it can benefit you.

What is a self-discovery prompt?

A self-discovery prompt, in journaling terms, is typically a question or a suggestion that helps you learn more about yourself.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Name your 2 favorite colors.
  • If money were no object, what would you do right now?

As you can see, the questions can range from simple to thought-provoking. Some will be easy to answer and some might require honesty and bravery.

Each question you answer will reveal a little bit more about who you are and can even benefit you in a number of ways.

How can a self-discovery prompt help me?

Self-discovery prompts allow you to get to know yourself better on a deeper level. They’re a great tool to help you become more self-aware and enlightened.

They help you explore your thought processes, emotions, values, and belief system so you can understand why you do the things you do, make better decisions in life, and ultimately have greater fulfillment, happiness, and inner peace.

One of the best ways to embark on a self-discovery journey is to journal. Studies have shown that journaling can be beneficial to your mental health.

I discovered from my own experience with journaling that you don’t have to write pages and pages of notes in order to journal “the right way”. You just need to be consistent.

For instance, if you write just one sentence every day for 5 days a week, you’re journaling consistently, AND you might be reaping some health benefits in the process.

Here are just a few health benefits of journaling on a regular basis, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center:

  • Manage anxiety.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Cope with depression.
  • Help you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns.
  • Track any symptoms day-to-day so that you can recognize triggers and learn ways to better control them.
  • Provide an opportunity for positive self-talk and identify negative thoughts and behaviors.

I journal for five minutes a day most days of the week and I almost always feel lighter after a journaling session because it gives me an outlet for expressing my emotions and thoughts.

100 journal prompts for self-discovery to help you connect deeper with yourself.

Here are 100 journal prompts to help jump-start the process of getting to know yourself on a deeper level. You can answer all of the questions at once, though I wouldn’t advise it.

Or you can take time to reflect on each prompt to gain insights into who you truly are.

Remember, the road to self-discovery is itself an adventure and can be accomplished with just one step, or one journal prompt, at a time.

Self-awareness journal prompts.

1. What made me smile today?

2. What makes me happy?

3. What scares me?

4. What scares and excites me at the same time?

5. If I knew the world would end in 3 days, what would I do?

6. What are 3 things I am grateful for?

7. What do I do for fun? 

8. What lights me up inside? 

9. What makes me lose track of time?

10. If I could describe myself in 1 word what would it be?

11. What does it mean to believe in me? 

12. What has given me joy this week?

13. What are my 3 favorite activities?

Soul-searching journal prompts.

14. What does my soul truly want in life?

15. What are my passions? 

16. What gives my life meaning and purpose?

17. What is it that I wish I were doing more of?

18. What is my calling or mission in life?

19. In what ways can I follow my calling?

20. What do I want to be remembered for?

21. What makes me feel like my soul is soaring?

Journal prompts for relationships.

22. Who are the 3 people I can trust?

23. Who would I consider a best friend?

24. What kind of friends do I want to have?

25. What kind of relationship do I want to have?

26. What 3 people could I deepen a relationship with?

27. What qualities do I share with my significant other?

28. What qualities do I look for in an ideal friend?

29. What qualities do I like about my current friends?

30. What qualities do I like about my family?

Self-love journal prompts.

31. What small things give me joy and pleasure each day?

32. What is it that makes me feel stable and secure?

33. What are 3 qualities about myself that I love and why?

34. What are 3 things I say to put myself down?

35. What are 3 things I can say to myself to lift me up?

36. What is one way I can set a personal boundary for myself?

37. When was the last time I treated myself to something nice?

38. What am I saying yes to when I really mean no?

39. Is there something you criticize yourself about you that you need to forgive?

Self-care journal prompts.

40. If I’m feeling down, how do I cheer myself up?

41. What’s my stress level like lately?

42. How do I handle anger and frustration?

43. From where do I get my inner strength?

44. How do I pamper myself?

45. What’s the best thing someone ever said about me?

46. What is something I think I like to do but secretly hate?

47. What is something I hate doing that ends up making me feel satisfied?

Self-reflection journal prompts.

48. What are my top 3 values?

49. What gives my life meaning each day?

50. If I could change one thing in my past what would it be?

51. Who is one person I admire in my life and why?

52. When were the times I felt truly accepted?

53. What is time well spent? 

54. What is stopping me from fulfilling xyz?

55. What would my 8-year-old self say to me?

56. What would I say to my 8-year-old self?

57. What challenges have I overcome in my life?

58. What’s my favorite childhood memory?

59. What did I love to do as a kid?

60. What activities made me happy when I was little?

61. Could I do them now?

62. What is stopping me from doing what makes me happy?

Your best future self-journal prompts.

63. What does it mean to live my best life?

64. Who am I meant to be?

65. What will I do with my one precious life?

66. What is one thing I look forward to?

67. What are my 3 dream occupations?

68. Why did I pick these 3 dream occupations?

69. What inspires m most in this world?

70. What habits do I want to cultivate in my life?

71. Who would I like as a mentor and what qualities do I admire about this person?

72. What would I do if no one was watching me?

73. What do I want to be when I “grow up”?

Goal-oriented journal prompts.

74. What is my biggest goal for the month?

75. What are my top 3 personal & professional goals for the next 3 months?

76. What does success look like to me? 

77. What skill do I want to learn right now?

78. What adventure would completely excite you right now?

79. On a scale of 1-10, how happy am I with my life right now?

Journal prompts for self-growth.

80. When was the last time I did something that made me feel resilient?

81. If money and time were no object what would I do?

82. What is stopping me from success?

83. What is a skill that I want to teach someone?

84. What am I itching to learn?

85. What would it be if I could pick a word that would describe the way I want to be?

86. What activity sounds indulgent and out of my comfort zone?

87. What regrets do I have?

88. What accomplishment am I proud of?

Journal prompts for shadow work and healing.

89. What are 3 things that I criticize myself about?

90. What kind of talents do I keep hidden from others?

91. What makes me feel guilty?

92. When I make a mistake, how do I react?

93. When was the last time I failed at something and how did I respond?

94. Do I love my current job or line of work?

95. Am I happy with the people I work with?

96. Am I happy with the people I live with?

97. Do I have any habits that bother me and would I change them?

98. What makes me feel secure about myself?

99. When I get angry, how do I release it?

100. What did I always want to try but was scared to?

Final thoughts.

Self-discovery journal prompts are a great way to connect with yourself on a deeper level if you’ve never embarked on a self-discovery journal before.

The prompts can range from easy, such as naming your favorite food, to challenging, such as planning your life for the 5 next years.

Journaling allows you to write the thoughts that are in your head so you can gain more clarity and insight about yourself.

There are even health benefits to journaling on a regular basis such as reducing stress and increasing positive self-talk.

Journaling for self-discovery ultimately leads to a greater understanding of the way you think, feel, and act, so you can live a life that feels more meaningful, fulfilling, and happy.

More ways to discover your true self.

If you want to find your true identity, be sure to check out the article, “9 ways to find your true identity and discover who you are.”

I hope you found these self-discovery journal prompts helpful. Do you have any journaling tips to share to help you know yourself better? Let me know in the comments!

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