Simple pleasures in life.



Simple pleasures are moments in our daily lives that evoke positive feelings like love, joy, peace, and happiness.  They are unique to each individual because one person may find something pleasurable while another might find the same thing loathsome.

Simple pleasures are usually free or cost almost nothing.  A simple pleasure can be a squeal of delight from a small child, a lingering embrace from a family member, or the smell of a favorite dessert baking in the oven.

Simple pleasures in life.


My family and I have not been able to get out as much, since the global pandemic, to help stop the spread.  In the beginning, the order to stay at home was manageable because I was already staying at home with my kids.

But as the political, economic, and health crises continued, so did my feelings of restlessness and isolation.  It seemed petty to feel this way, since people were losing their lives, their jobs, and their homes.

Still, I welcomed any emotional respite from the chaos because I knew that putting my body and mind through constant stress could affect my health.

So, I found solace in the simple pleasures that were already at my disposal.  Things like getting up before the kids woke up to enjoy “me time”, sipping a cup of tea slowly, or watching butterflies hover around our yard.

Although researchers don’t know the exact mechanism that links them together, there is a positive correlation between pleasure and happiness.  Finding the right balance of hedonic pleasure, especially during challenging times, may be crucial in maintaining a level of happiness in your life.

"Simple pleasures of life
Like the gentle breeze
Like the playful waves
Like the crackle of laughter
Of innocence, pure and simple"
-Soumyajit Pradhan


Here is my long list of simple pleasures.  I hope it gives you some inspiration.

  1.  Listening to birds chirping outside my window in the morning.
  2. The smell of food baking in the oven.
  3. The sound of dishes clinking together.
  4. Squeals of delight from my kids.
  5. Watching hummingbirds drink nectar from flowers.
  6. Watching butterflies float around the yard.
  7. Stillness in the morning before everyone wakes up.
  8. Having a genuine belly laugh.
  9. Receiving an act of kindness from a neighbor.
  10. Watching leaves dance with the wind.
  11. Listening to leaves rustling in the wind.
  12. Watching a sunset.
  13. Listening to the ocean waves crashing on the shore.
  14. Getting an uplifting text message from a friend.
  15. Looking at my toddler’s face while he naps peacefully.
  16. Meditating for just 5 minutes.
  17. Reading a good book.
  18. Sipping a cup of tea and nothing else.
  19. Drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning.
  20. Sitting down to a family dinner.
  21. My favorite song playing on the radio.
  22. Listening to the rain pour outside the window.
  23. Eating a hot bowl of soup on a cold day.
  24. Sleeping in on your day off.
  25. Having a cold popsicle on a hot day.
  26. Smelling the perfume of spring blossoms.
  27. Cruising around the city on my bike.
  28. Writing down 1 thing I’m grateful for in my journal.
  29. Walking around the neighborhood.
  30. Listening to a favorite podcast.
  31. Going on a nature hike.
  32. Eating freshly baked anything.
  33. Doodling and coloring.
  34. Getting a love note from my significant other.
  35. Playing tag with my child.
  36. Soaking in the bathtub.
  37. Taking an afternoon nap.
  38. Checking off that last thing on my to do list.
  39. Hearing the kids say polite words to each other.
  40. Petting the dog.
  41. Letting someone help me out.
  42. Watching the sunrise.
  43. Looking at the horizon as it changes colors.
  44. Getting an unexpected treat from a neighbor.
  45. Having a good conversation with someone.
  46. My favorite essential oil scent filling the house.
  47. The feeling of satisfaction after finishing a project.
  48. That fresh feeling after a good night’s sleep.
  49. Picking fresh produce from the backyard.
  50. Spritzing on my favorite perfume.

What are your simple pleasures?  Please leave a comment down below.

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