7 reasons why you need to plan a vacation right now



Man belongs wherever he wants to go.  -Wernher Von Braun

7 reasons to plan a vacation right now.

Summer is right around the corner.  I’ve been fantasizing about this moment since January.  Alas, my kids don’t have to hear me call them down to get ready for school for the hundredth time.  At least for next two and a half months while I plan a vacation for our family.

For the last few days, we’ve been finalizing our vacation plans.  Perhaps you’ve been fantasizing about taking a break, too.  Sitting on the beach with your feet buried in the warm sand.  Getting excited to show off your new bikini bod.  Or maybe your anniversary is coming up and you need to celebrate.

I know what you’re thinking, I can’t go on vacation, I have no time.  Going on a vacation costs too much.  If I take a break from work, everything will fall apart.  Don’t let this crazy self-talk keep you from taking a well deserved holiday.  In fact, you need a break to feel refreshed and get your creativity flowing again.  Here are 7 soul boosting reasons why you should plan a vacation right now.

1. Plan a vacation to recharge the mind, body and soul

The relentless grind of working eight hours a day and forty hours a week can leave one feeling starved for time off.  Too many people suffer from this.  Take a break from the grindstone; it’s the perfect antidote to “lack of vacationitis”.  The body was not made to work for 8 hours straight, anyway.  That is why coffee and lunch breaks were invented.  We always feel fresh after taking those 10, 15, 30, 60 minute breaks.  They’re the perfect pick-me-ups.

Think of how much more refreshed and happy you would be if you could plan a vacation right now.  Studies have shown that taking a vacation can actually stimulate creativity.  You would be more productive, happier, less stressed out and much healthier.

2. Learn something new

Ever feel like you are stuck in a routine?  Wake up, drop off kids, work, pick up kids, sleep and repeat.  You feel like a hamster in a wheel chasing itself.  The only day in the week you look forward to is Friday, at 4:59 pm.  Then your weekend slips by so quickly that you have to pinch yourself because your precious free time is all but a faint memory now.  You have a bad case of the Mondays as the alarm jolts you out of that dream where you’re laying on the soft sand of a tropical paradise.  Does this look familiar?  Trust me, I get it.

Well, jump out of that wheel and take a new path.  When I travel to a new place, I always develop a new perspective.  This is one of the reasons why I like plan a vacation at least once each year.  It doesn’t have to cost much either.  Even a few days off will do you a world of good.

3. Spend quality family time

Vacations with mom, dad and the kiddies used to mean loading up the family into a station wagon and driving across the country and back again.  It meant approximately two weeks of kid-centric activities, with adults feeling left out of the fun.  It doesn’t have to be this way at all.  It can be a wonderful learning experience for the entire family.  .

The next time you plan a vacation with the kiddos, make sure you take it slow.  Kids have a lot of energy, but sometimes us parents need to reserve that energy to enjoy the vacation.  Don’t expect to see everything on your itinerary with kids in tow.  In fact, if you have older children, ask them what they want to see or learn about.  They may surprise you and come up with something you hadn’t heard of yet.

4. Romantic getaway for two

Time alone with your significant other is a necessity.  Life can sometimes feel like one endless to-do list.  As soon as we check off one thing, another is there waiting for a check mark.  This routine can easily make you lose that connection to your partner.  Don’t wait for the mojo to drain away.  Dust off those travel bags and plan a vacation that will get those sparks flying again.

An excursion for two is a great way to ignite that flame with your partner.  It is so much easier now than ever before to book a romantic getaway for two.  It doesn’t have to be at a 5 star resort in French Polynesia Bora Bora.  It doesn’t even have to be a three week long escape.  It can be a sprinkling of three or four day departures throughout the year to get the juices flowing again.

5. Self-reflection

The mind is being stimulated all the time.  Upon waking, up until bedtime, we are constantly bombarded with mental and physical stimulation.  Even our children are victims of this.  When we exhaust all of our obligatory duties, the first thing we tend do with our free time is to watch something on the internet or go on social media.

​Do you remember the last time you allowed your mind to space out, wander, or get bored?  Yeah, me either.  Going on a personal holiday is the perfect solution for quiet self-reflection.  You can use this time to add more joy into your day and but your mind on idle mode.  So, lie on the beach and count the clouds floating by.  Go to the spa and get a relaxing massage.  Sip your coffee in a cozy cafe and watch the world pass you by.  The clock is not your master.

6. Surround yourself in nature

Plan a vacation in nature.  It is serene and energizing at the same time.  When I walk in nature, countless sensations hit me all at once.  Birds chirp a melodious symphony, the sharp scent of fresh cut grass wafts through the air, verdant spring leaves dance on a branch, floral fragrances billow through my nostrils,  a fresh breeze plays with my hair.  I can go on and on.  I feel instantly restored and rebooted.

The simplest way to surround oneself in nature, especially if you live in a bustling metropolitan area, is walking in a park.  All the flora and fauna of the city seem to congregate there.  If water is your thing, go fishing.  Watching the stillness of the water has a mesmerizing effect.  Camping in the woods allows for ultimate immersion in nature, whether by tent, cabin or RV.  Sometimes all you need to re-center yourself is to get lost in nature.

7. Create life long memories

A vacation is an experience that will last longer than a cute, new purse and feels more satisfying for the soul.  It adds a shimmering gleam to the fabric of your experience in a way that a trivial object never could.  Life can get so hectic that we forget what it feels like to slow down and just be.  If you want to create meaningful memories that will last a lifetime, plan a vacation right now.

Planning your time off can be as simple as going to a mountain retreat for the weekend or as exciting as a trip to an exotic locale.  Giving yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of life allows your mind, body and soul to recharge.  It can also bring your closer to your family and loved ones.  You don’t need an excuse to plan a vacation and you will thank yourself later.

Christine Songco is a registered dental hygienist and the creator of Third Bliss. She is passionate about helping others find their true selves and build a life they truly love.

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