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You feel...

That you were meant to do something with your life, but you're lost and you don't know where to start.


You'd still feel unsure that you made the right choice even if you found your purpose in life.  You also wouldn't know what to do with it or have the time to pursue it.



Coaching Services

Here's what past clients have to say:

Andrea K. - California

I loved that I started out addressing one area of my life that ended up taking me on a journey that allowed me to explore different facets of that area, i.e. learning how to effectively communicate led me to address my listening skills and later realizing that I am an empath.  I did not know this about myself, which is valuable information.  It has helped me understand myself better.  You are a good listener, caring, and resourceful.  You have a calm demeanor, which I find inviting when discussing difficult issues.

Jezelle P. - California

You facilitated my journey of self-reflection and self-revelation.  The values of being honest with others and true to myself, make each day my masterpiece, consistency and focus, positive attitude, word hard and always give my best, enjoy the moment, process and perseverance.  Thank you very much for being my great coach!

Jen W. - California

A s a mom, coaching would help me not to lose focus on my own goals.   I am pulled in many different directions by each family member to the point that my own path has gotten blurry.  You were very good in making me feel that I had good ideas and that my goals were worthwhile.  You were good in summarizing our talking points and my action items. You were always prompt!  I appreciate that a lot.

Here's what to expect:

Book a free, 15-minute consultation to see if we're a good match.

Schedule a Discovery session after your initial consultation to assess the areas of your life where you want to create transformation.

Discover your core values, beliefs, passions, and purpose in life during the first few weeks.

 Set specific, focused goals that are in alignment with your values, beliefs, passions, and purpose in life.

Create a plan that can be easily implemented into your daily schedule.

Receive ongoing support and accountability as you advance along the program .

Check in and assess your progress & status during the final weeks of program.


→ 6 weeks of personalized support from me.

→1 Initial 60-minute Discovery session.

→ Weekly,  45-minute coaching sessions.

→ More clarity and focus in any area of your life.

→ A personalized plan with specific, focused goals.

A greater sense of purpose in your personal and professional life.

 Valuable insights, tools, and resources you learned throughout the coaching sessions to implement seamlessly into the next phases of your life.


1 session per week for 6 weeks.
1 initial Discovery session.
Choice of Zoom or phone call.
Add-on package is only for those currently enrolled in Gold or Silver program.


3 months
$1000 ($1200 value) - 1 payment
$340 - 3 payments


6 weeks
$500 ($600 value) - 1 payment
$255 - 2 payments


4 weeks
$330 ($400 value) - 1 payment
Add-on package only for those
currently enrolled in Gold or Silver.


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